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Highlights RCD Espanyol vs RC Celta (1-1)

  • Publicado el 23 abr 2019
  • Draw between RCD Espanyol and RC Celta with the goals of Wu Lei and Maxi Gomez. LaLiga Santander 2018/2019
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Comentarios • 89

  • 石漪 ♪
    石漪 ♪ Hace 3 años +85

    Bravo, Wu Lei! What a volley!

  • saku1010
    saku1010 Hace 3 años +58

    its kinda suprised to see Wu Lei adapt so well in La Liga which is very good = )

  • 너굴너굴
    너굴너굴 Hace 3 años +103

    what a beautiful goal by Wu Lei~! Congratulation from Seoul~

    • Nomomania
      Nomomania Hace 3 años

      @Dorje Ooo
      Hahaha, let's not get confused. Son is the pride of Asia, Wu is pride of China. They're not on the same level, Son is world class, he won Tottenham Player of The Year Award.

    • Dorje Ooo
      Dorje Ooo Hace 3 años +4

      Wu and son represent Asia. They are the pride of Asia.

    • Water stones
      Water stones Hace 3 años

      Tai Luo Thanks for the hint😂

    • TL
      TL Hace 3 años +1

      @Water stones Haha, he is good. Nobody here doubt that.

    • Water stones
      Water stones Hace 3 años +2

      Sung is the best in Asian(include Australia and New Zealand)there is no doubt about that.

  • Asher
    Asher Hace 3 años +18

    What a goaaaaal!!! thrilled to see your second goal Wulei!!!

  • Chung Steve
    Chung Steve Hace 3 años +21

    Wu Lei already a legend! He is the pride of China!

  • Yuesen Tang
    Yuesen Tang Hace 3 años +23


  • 溜达的大鹏
    溜达的大鹏 Hace 3 años

    Amazing goal

  • -빠털
    -빠털 Hace 3 años +21


  • kh khboy
    kh khboy Hace 3 años +2

    wu lei high speed the best goal 👍

  • Henry Liu
    Henry Liu Hace 3 años

    Muy bien Wu Lei

  • Random Cat
    Random Cat Hace 3 años

    Poor Wu Lei. He scored like one goal and everyone focuses on him, while the other goalscorer (Maxi Gomez) gets no attention. For an average player to get the attention of a superstar will cause a huge level of stress that will only impede his development.

  • FLOXshui Lee
    FLOXshui Lee Hace 3 años +11

    武磊牛逼!!!! 喊破音!!!!

  • Joe Wong
    Joe Wong Hace 3 años +6

    Wu Lei GOAT!

    • fung fung
      fung fung Hace 3 años

      @eFury I think he meant GOAT in China.

    • eFury
      eFury Hace 3 años

      Nah he's not even the best in the Asia how he's the GOAT?

  • Sam P
    Sam P Hace 3 años +1

    Wu Lei has the potential to be the next CR7

  • Jatan `
    Jatan ` Hace 3 años +1

    Congratulations Wu Lei

  • Yue Cao
    Yue Cao Hace 3 años +77


  • Hal
    Hal Hace 3 años +5


  • Chung Steve
    Chung Steve Hace 3 años +1

    wu lei, the best of Asia

  • 知书达理
    知书达理 Hace 3 años +13

    Wu lei is very good player ! wu messi

  • Joel
    Joel Hace 3 años

    Que partido

  • Ziwei Cao
    Ziwei Cao Hace 3 años

    Wu Lei is worth 5 M euro and his running for space 4.5M

    ELZED LIEW Hace 3 años +3

    good positioning

  • 控咖喱
    控咖喱 Hace 3 años +8


  • Joel
    Joel Hace 3 años +1

    Aunque se merecía ganar el Espanyol

  • ronaldo
    ronaldo Hace 3 años +6


  • yinchashe
    yinchashe Hace 3 años +9


  • Dark Gamer
    Dark Gamer Hace 3 años

    Is it just me or is the Espanyol kit darker?

  • Zhaopeng Ren
    Zhaopeng Ren Hace 3 años +24


  • 薛逸凡
    薛逸凡 Hace 3 años


  • master
    master Hace 3 años +5

    Asia no.1 sonny~

  • Botong Jiang
    Botong Jiang Hace 3 años +6

    Wu lei

  • Seunghwan Lee
    Seunghwan Lee Hace 3 años +3

    I came here after watching one of the interviews about Wu Lei and he mentioned he can't see the difference between the Korean players in Europe and himself, and if he went to Europe earlier like Son then he'd have become like him.
    But let's be honest. If Wu Lei wants to become a better player than other Asian players, then that's nearly a false hope.
    I know perhaps Chinese people don't like my opinion.
    Just mind you. I'm not here to blame Wu Lei and I don't want that.
    I mean we need a critical approach to judge him as a football player.
    Technically there's still a huge barrier between Europe and Asia.
    So Asian players should have a certain skill in order to nail it.
    Let's look at the Asian players who's got good reputations in Europe.
    1. Having good skills which can work in Europe without difficulty
    Examples: Young-pyo Lee, Shinji Kagawa, Hidetoshi Nakata, Chung-yong Lee(before got a severe injury)
    2. Started their career early in Europe + Decent ball control
    Examples: Keisuke Honda, Sung-yueng Ki, Ki-hyun Seol, Heung-min Son
    3. Having unique skills that European players don't have but necessary for the team + Multitasking
    Examples: Ji-sung Park, Shinji Okazaki
    4. Just a fking monster
    Example: Bum-keun Cha
    Wu Lei's play style is not likely to be in number 1 or 3 obviously.
    And like other young Chinese and Asian footballers who failed in Europe, it's really hard to nail it in Europe from a young age as those players in number 2. Because there are more failed cases than nailed cases. This means those players are quite much better than domestic players in general or they have fairly good potentials so that the European teams bought them when they were young. European teams are not charity. If Wu Lei was really as potential as the players, then he would've scouted by a team when he was younger.
    Let's look at the situation that Wu Lei is now in. It's like you are going to study in Ivy League at age 30 and have good English marks in high school in China, but have to compete with the Chinese who moved to America when they were teens and not only good at studying but also speak English nativelike.
    So, unless Wu Lei has a potential to become like Bum-keun Cha(He played in Bundes Liga for a short period and moved back to Korea for a military service and went back to Germany when he was 27 and nailed it), it'd be impossible to beyond other good Asian players.
    The good thing is that this is only the first season for Wu Lei and there is still some time for him to get used to La Liga.
    Who knows? He can possibly be a good player?
    But if he just wants to be better than the Asian players and never thought about their effort and hard time they have overcome in Europe? Nonsense. If he still thinks like that as he interviewed before, that's too selfish.

    • Seunghwan Lee
      Seunghwan Lee Hace 3 años

      @JXI PA you gotta be 'a' racist lol I told you stop speaking engrish hahahaha how many times should I correct your english? XD and do you even know what 'gotta' means? lol I think you should study english from the beginning in your country before calling someone a racist

    • Seunghwan Lee
      Seunghwan Lee Hace 3 años

      @shuaige15 yeah I agree. 151 goals out of 296 appearances is a decent stat for strikers. and that also means Wu Lei is already beyond C-League. I think he should show his ability from next season. His first season doesn't matter to be honest since he needs to get used to Spain.

    • Seunghwan Lee
      Seunghwan Lee Hace 3 años

      @JXI PA speak english not engrish lol

  • Daniel Fuentes
    Daniel Fuentes Hace 3 años +5


  • Maxim Chen
    Maxim Chen Hace 3 años +21


  • SIMMAN99
    SIMMAN99 Hace 3 años +11

    Just a non chinese commin through

  • Boripat Wannasri
    Boripat Wannasri Hace 3 años

    Wow China

  • David Wang
    David Wang Hace 3 años +1

    I am a Chinese, Wu is the best in China, but I don't think he is the best in Asia, other people said----" wu is the best" is just for fun, we all know Chinese football level, we want to reach a higher level, but up to date, Wu is all we have!!!

  • Troll Troll
    Troll Troll Hace 3 años +1

    Wu Lei Cow B

    • yanan ma
      yanan ma Hace 3 años +1

      cow是骂人的- -

    • J JJ
      J JJ Hace 3 años

  • 12 3
    12 3 Hace 3 años

    Son >>>>>>>>> wu lei

    • David Wang
      David Wang Hace 3 años +1

      yes that is true, I am a Chinese, Wu is the best in China, but I don't think he is the best in Asia, other people said----" wu is the best" is just for fun, we all know Chinese football level, we want to reach a higher level, but up to date, Wu is all we have!!!

  • บันนาน่า บานานั่น

    Quang Hai better wu lei

    • 李凯伦
      李凯伦 Hace 3 años

      Then go la liga and scores

  • Xi Zhang
    Xi Zhang Hace 3 años +13


    • Gun Kang
      Gun Kang Hace 3 años


    • Zhilin Zhuo
      Zhilin Zhuo Hace 3 años +2


    • Simon Tang
      Simon Tang Hace 3 años +2


  • Aiden
    Aiden Hace 3 años +6

    Taiwan No1

    • Yoon Tube
      Yoon Tube Hace 3 años

      @Messi Liao hahahah
      Do I have to understand the opposite of what you said?

    • Yoon Tube
      Yoon Tube Hace 3 años

      @M I like soccer and I just watched an English video clip about Lariga.

    • Messi Liao
      Messi Liao Hace 3 años

      @Yoon Tube he said your are so smart that nobody reply you.

  • Peter Yu
    Peter Yu Hace 3 años +7


  • M
    M Hace 3 años +1


  • looper kim
    looper kim Hace 3 años +1


  • Kim Lam
    Kim Lam Hace 3 años


  • huang eric
    huang eric Hace 3 años